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      Avatar photoDOUGLAS LOESCHER

        So a question for my colleagues…last Friday (10-20-23), I was at the altar catching for people that were getting prayed for and falling over…a woman started to manifest and writhe and scream…an anointed lady from our church was saying, “Come out in Jesus name” which wasn’t working…I was one of three men who along with the anointed minister lady ushered her out of the main auditorium into an adjacent hallway at which point the lady ministering to the PRM told the three of us men to bolt and she would deal with her…so we left…as amazing an anointing as this lady has, I know the only thing she is going to say is “you have to come out in Jesus name” because I have seen this time and again…I have an idea what I would attempt but being fairly new at this I want to know what you would do…if the PRM were immediately turned over to me or you…what would be the first thing you would attempt to do/say with her…there is no time for a 20-page questionnaire…etc. etc…what would you do or say to attempt to get rid of the demon(s)…??? I appreciate any input on this question you can give…
        Sincerely, Doug Loescher
        [email protected]

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        Joshua Hudson

          As you go through the school Pastor Mark will answer alot of these questions. My first response is that she doesn’t need deliverance but inner healing. you will learn to discern what you are dealing with and how to pray. Also why is this lady telling you to leave? We should desire to have all the help we need and not be prideful.
          God bless you man of God-Joshua Hudson from Kansas City Missouri

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          Patrice Gaillard

            Interesting scenario and great learning experience. Ps Mark has taught us that if the HS allows the manifestation, it is because He wants to set the PRM free. In this case, it would be a sovereign deliverance situation, but since the demons would not leave, we can assume they have legal rights. What I would do given the opportunity, is command the demons to be bound and go down and have the PRM come up, go through RAM prayers, RAM CB, RAM SD, then do general IH, provoke the demons again and do a general CO.Lastly suggest the PRM make an Appt for F/U deliverance counseling to address further needs. Obviously, you would not have been able to do that because you were asked to leave. In your case, I would have left. Let’s see what Ps. Mark has to say. Thanks Doug for raising the question.

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            Patrice Gaillard

              Doug, be encouraged. I have had to walk away watching people at my church struggle with come out, come out, come out. Thank you Jesus for IU, where we are learning how to effectively set the captives free. In time,the HS will open their eyes and you can be a part if helping to bring deliverance there.

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              Mark Chase

                Great answers, Josh and Patrice!

                If simple forceful command (FC) is not leading to expulsion, we need to assume that God wants to deal with some sin in this woman’s life. Keep in mind, this is not a pagan non-believer, but a born-again Christian. This wasn’t some sort of evangelistic situation where God needed to demonstrate His power.

                Therefore, this woman’s healing will most likely be handled through Technical Deliverance. God can and does deliver His people through Sovereign Deliverance. However, the more common pattern with believers is breaking legal rights first.

                So, if FC is not working and demons can’t be marshaled, it is wise to bind the demons and bring the core back up. Find out more about the PRM’s trauma history. Focus on Inner Healing (LPTC). Then confront demons again.

                All students of IU know that the presence of dissociated parts of the core (DPCs) is the number one legal right for demons. Of course, there might be some other “x-factor” legal right as well. This would be ascertained during a private session, most likely.

                God bless you! BM

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                Avatar photoDOUGLAS LOESCHER

                  Thank you Patrice, Josh, and Mark for your responses. They have been very helpful to me as I attempt to envision myself engaging in the process. I figured out from Lesson 1 that SD means “self-declare” but I could not find CB or CO in the listing (is this “cast out” by chance?)…would one of you be able to clue me in?
                  Doug Loescher

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                  Patrice Gaillard

                    Hi Doug,
                    RAM BC- repeat after me break curses
                    CO- cast out

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