Where is Invicta University (IU) located?

IU is a 100% online school. Invicta Ministries, the umbrella ministry over IU, is physically located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA. Click HERE for Connect information.

Where do the classes at IU take place?

IU is an online school. There are no in-person attendance requirements. However, students of IU are welcome to attend Invicta Ministries’ in-person services in Florida in order to observe and learn.

When do classes start?

There is no start date as enrollment is open, and students work through the online curriculum at their own pace.

How do I enroll in IU?

Click on Courses, then click on Level 1, and then click on ENROLL IN THE COURSE.

How long does it take to complete Level 1 of IU?

We have seen some dedicated and focused students complete Level 1 in two months. However, the average completion time for Level 1 is eight to twelve months. We encourage students to take their time and NOT to rush through the curriculum. Internalizing the knowledge taught is far more important than finishing quickly.

Is IU accredited?

No, IU is not accredited by any Accreditation Institution or Board.

Does IU offer any degrees?

No. IU does not offer any degrees. Students who complete a Level earn a Certificate of Completion. Optionally, students who wish to achieve at the highest level can complete additional tasks and earn Invicta Certification

What are the benefits of achieving Invicta Certification?

There are several reasons why some students of IU might choose to seek Invicta Certification. For example, graduates who attain Invicta Certification are listed on our Invicta-Certified Deliverance Ministry Map, which is located on the School website. Also, some employers (churches, for example) might view Invicta Certification as a favorable résumé item. Finally, for some students, Invicta Certification is challenging and its achievement is personally rewarding.

Does IU partner with churches or other organizations to train deliverance teams?

Yes, we do. Training up teams and offering support is a key aspect of the IU Vision. Please give us a call to discuss partnering with IU to train and equip your local team.

Does IU offer scholarships?

From time to time, we offer partial and full-ride scholarships. However, the tuition for IU is low and is meant to be accessible to the majority of students.

I already know a lot about deliverance. Can I skip over Level 1 and jump right to Level 2?

No. Some of our students have enrolled in IU with years of ministry experience. However, these students find out that the curriculum of IU is unique and contains information that they have never encountered. In addition, the Lectures of IU have quite a bit of personal revelation given to Mark and Jana. As a result, every new entering student must begin in Level 1.

Will I meet other deliverance students once I am enrolled?

Yes. Enrolled students have the opportunity to meet and network with other IU students at our monthly Learning Community Zoom Meetings (all students are encouraged to attend), participate in our students-only Forums, as well as attend our annual gathering called Invicta University Annual Convention (IUAC). IUAC typically takes place in September in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA.

What is Learning Community?

Invicta University Learning Community (IULC) is a Zoom meeting that is held monthly. All students are welcome and encouraged to attend. IULC is a time of professional learning and fellowship. Each Level of IU has its own IULC. Click HERE for all the info regarding IULC

What makes IU different from other deliverance ministry schools out there?

While we do not comment on other deliverance training programs, we can say that, in terms of IU, we have designed the Invicta Training Curriculum to be thorough, engaging, challenging, and pragmatic. The end objective of IU is to train up Professional Deliverance Ministers who will serve Jesus operating at the highest levels in their own ministries of deliverance.

When students graduate from IU, is there any commitment to remain with Invicta?

No. Our philosophy is to equip and release. Some graduates may decide to maintain relationship with Invicta by becoming involved in our local hubs–both in the USA and internationally. These local deliverance teams are called Team Invicta. Others choose to attend our Annual Convention held every year in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA. Other Invicta University graduates will choose to remain listed on our Invicta-Certified Deliverance Ministry Map.

Is IU a Catholic organization?

No. We are followers of Jesus, and the Bible is our final authority on all matters. We are not in agreement with any cult that perverts the Gospel of repentance and believing on Jesus alone for salvation. Students of IU do, however, learn how to minister deliverance and Inner Healing to ex-members of Christian cults such as Mormonism, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and the Roman Catholic Church (RCC).