IU Students and Alumni Are Invited to Attend the
2024 Annual Convention!

Join Mark, Jana, and fellow students and graduates of IU in beautiful Fort Lauderdale, Florida on September 20-21, 2024

Fort Lauderdale Embassy Suites Hotel

• Fellowship, fun and learning

• An exciting array of presenters...

Dr. Bob Larson

Title of Presentation: Keynote Address

Website: boblarson.org


Dwayne Bigelow

Dwayne is a Corporate Development Strategist and owner of several successful Businesses. He is also the Co-Founder of Sonorous Entertainment, which owns the House of Beauty Gospel Catalog. He believes that Faith and Business are interconnected and success in all things comes only from seeking the Lord first.

Title of Presentation: A PRM’s Perspective


Jana Chase

Jana heads up the women’s ministry of Invicta Ministries and is Mark’s beautiful wife.

Title of Presentation: Protection Under Authority

Website: invictaministries.org


Mark Chase

Mark is the leader of both Invicta Ministries and Invicta University.

Title of Presentation: Critical Knowledge Points for Invicta Certification

Website: invictaministries.org


Patrice Gaillard

Patrice Gaillard is a wife, mother, and grandmother.  She is also a Licensed Christian Counselor, candidate for PhD in Christian counseling-EDC us December 2024. She is a multi-state licensed registered Nurse currently working in the state of Florida. In addition to her secular job, Patrice founded and manages Respite for Change Inc, a non-profit organization for counseling, inner healing, and deliverance ministry.  For over twenty years, Patrice has had the privilege to mentor many women and teens. She currently serves at her local church in the women’s discipleship ministry, and serves in her community by teaching at women’s conferences,  holding workshops on spiritual warfare and public deliverance services.  Her heartbeat is for the women she mentors to walk in freedom,  to value their worth, their Christ given identity, to dream, discover and pursue their God given dreams and destinies.

Title of Presentation: Characteristics of the Professional Deliverance Minister

Website: respiteforchange.com



Edra Hays

Pastor Edra Hays is passionately committed to healing the wounded and setting people free of demonic bondage. She is a seasoned and compassionate warrior for Christ. For well over 20 years those who had lost hope and felt of no value have benefited from her spiritual gifting and skill in bringing healing to broken hearts and taking dominion over demons to drive them out. 

Edra has traveled to Eastern Europe and Russia with ministry teams led by Dr. Bob Larson and is adept in ministering to other cultures and nations.

Dr. Bob Larson ordained Pastor Edra and she became part of Spiritual Freedom Church International in 2003. She is the United States National Director of ‘Do What Jesus Did Teams,’ which is a global network of highly trained and accountable exorcists.

2015 – Earned a Certificate of Completion for the International School of Exorcism 

 2019 – Completed Advanced Academy of Deliverance 

 Edra is currently enrolled in Bob Larson University, presently studying Apologetics and Demonology.

Title of Presentation: Walking in Freedom

Website: intangiblerealm.org


Bob Koo

Bob is a practical minister of the Gospel, healing evangelist, and founder of Fresh Living Waters Ministries. Bob has ministered in 80+ nations. He ministers the word in the power of the Holy Spirit and empowers others to do the same!

Title of Presentation: The Great Commission’s Path to Miraculous Living

Website: freshlivingwater.org


Peter Lowe

Peter Lowe is a remarkable individual with a unique background as both an MK (Missionary Kid) and PK (Preacher’s Kid). Born in Pakistan and raised in India, he is now based in Florida, where he is deeply involved in deliverance and evangelistic ministry worldwide.

For decades, Peter was at the forefront of the Get Motivated seminars which he created, captivating audiences in arenas across America. These seminars, attended by over 5 million people, featured influential figures such as 7 US Presidents, heads of state, Olympic stars, and Superbowl champions. Through these events, Peter used his platform to share the transformative message of Jesus Christ with business audiences.

His compelling life story and unwavering commitment to his faith make him a captivating figure, offering unique insights into deliverance ministry.

Title of Presentation: Can God’s word ever return void? Demons can stop God’s word in its tracks. Discover new ways to stop demons in their tracks instead. 


Myriam Mantilla

Myriam mantilla is a Deliverance Coach & Intercessor and a student of Christian Counseling. Who loves to bring healing to the body of Christ. To equip women and encourage them into their calling of who God created them to be!

Title of Presentation: A PRM’s Perspective


Claire Roker

Claire Roker is the Director of Prayer Ministries at Temple Aron HaKodesh, a Messianic congregation where both Jewish and non-Jewish believers in Jesus worship together in a biblical and traditional Jewish way. She has served as head of their Deliverance and Inner Healing Ministry for over 30 years, meeting in private sessions with those needing emotional, mental, and, or physical healing. Her desire is to see the captives set free (Is. 61) so that the Kingdom of God can be released here on earth as it is in heaven.

Title of Presentation: The Hidden Obstacle to Victory

Website: taklife.org


Ulysis Velozo

Ulysis Velozo, is a dedicated shepherd of a congregation, ministering through his online platforms “Revelation Sphere Live” on YouTube and “Divine Intervention” on Telegram. As a prolific writer, he has authored enlightening works such as “Fasting the Bible Way” and “A Biblical Description of Hell.” Ulysis is the visionary founder of the Proton Believers Ministry Training School and serves as the esteemed Pastor of Revelation Sphere Church. A passionate teacher, worshipper, and artist, Ulysis balances his spiritual endeavors with the joys of fatherhood, raising two children. With a steadfast commitment to serving God since the age of 19, Ulysis life embodies a profound dedication to faith and community.

Title of Presentation: Deliverance in the Glory of God

Website: revelationsphere.org


Donnie Williams

Donnie is the Senior Pastor of Liberation Freedom Ministry in Atlanta, Georgia. He has been serving as a Healing and Deliverance Minister since 2004. Donnie studied under Bob Larson and currently assists Bob and the Do What Jesus Did (DWJD) teams in Los Angeles, Hemet, and San Diego, California. Donnie was ordained by Bob Larson in 2012. He also assists Jay Bartlett. Donnie began Liberation Freedom Ministry in 2011 with the Isaiah 61 mantle anointing placed on the ministry by the Holy Spirit. Donnie is a retired San Diego, California, Sheriff’s Deputy. Williams is a retired Navy veteran.

Title of Presentation: Exposing Witchcraft: Spiritual Warfare

Website: liberationfreedomministry.com


Cynthia Yarbrough

Cynthia is the Leader of Pulling Down Strongholds in Lakeland, Florida. She is a master inner healer. Cynthia and her team, including Paul and Alma Cooprider, offer weekly deliverance services.

Title of Presentation: Flesh or Demons?


More Info on 2024 IUAC...

  • 9 AM to 9 PM on both days

  • Worship on both days

  • Students and alumni of IU are invited to attend!

  • Registration is $179 for both days

  • Discounted room rates (Check Level 1 Forum Topic “2024 Annual Convention” for discount code)

  • Hotel is 2.2 miles from Fort Lauderdale International Airport  (FLL)
  • Embassy Suites Hotel Fort Lauderdale
    1100 SE 17th St, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316

    Direct Hotel Phone: (954) 527-2700

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(Bio continued)

Bob has been featured in The Los Angeles Times, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Daily News London, Financial Times Germany, and other major publications. International TV documentaries have included Brazil, Germany, Norway, France, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Holland, Belgium, Japan, and Korea. He is the president of the highly acclaimed, online International School of Exorcism, with hundreds of alumni in scores of nations. Bob is the author of nearly 40 books translated into more than a dozen languages, including: Larson’s Book of Spiritual Warfare, Larson’s Book of World Religions, Demon Proofing Prayers, Curse Breaking, Jezebel, Dealing with Demons and four, fictional novels.

Reverend, Doctor Bob Larson has spent a lifetime studying and producing educational materials to further a deeper understanding of spiritual warfare. He attended theUniversity of Nebraska as a pre-med major with intentions of becoming a doctor. His primary studies were in languages, comparative anatomy, and chemistry. Instead of pursuing a medical degree, he left higher education for a short career in motivational speaking, while studying for the ministry. His initial theological education was through the Global University Berean School of the Bible, which led to his ordination by a major evangelical denomination. He was also later ordained by the Calvary CathedralInternational association of churches. Dr. Larson has served in active ministry nearly 50years, since his initial ordination.

Dr. Larson continued his religious studies by reading the works of classic Christian theologians and early church fathers, such as Aquinas and Augustine. Many of Dr.Larson’s books, such as “Larson’s Book of Cults” and “Larson’s Book of WorldReligions” have become enduring classics which are used in the course studies of major seminaries. He has written nearly 40 books, many best sellers, translated into 20languages. In 2005, he founded the Spiritual Freedom Churches International (SFC), a fellowship of associated and affiliated congregations adhering to Dr. Larson’s vision of church bodies which would embrace the message of salvation, spiritual healing, and deliverance. Dr. Larson augmented his previous ordinations by receiving additional ordination through SFC.

For 10 years, Dr. Larson served as the senior pastor of a locally organized body of believers called the Spiritual Freedom Church of Phoenix, Arizona. In 2014 he launched the online International School of Exorcism (ISE), the first internet supported training and certification body embracing the spiritual disciplines of healing, deliverance, and exorcism. To date, more than one thousand students from nearly 50 countries have completed this schooling. In 2018 Dr. Larson augmented ISE with the AdvancedAcademy of Deliverance, an online graduate-level training curriculum in deliverance and exorcism ministry.

In recognition of his lifetime achievements, the Board of Governors of SFC and ISE awarded Reverend Larson the honorary title of Doctor of Divinity with the following proclamation: In recognition of an exemplary lifetime contribution to Christendom through personal deliverance ministry to thousands of individuals, authoring of 37 original books, preaching, teaching, college lectureships, radio broadcasting, media productions across the decades and leadership in the ministry of exorcism, the Governors hereby confer upon Bobby Emil Larson the Honorary Degree, Doctor of Divinity, with all the rights, privileges and honors appertaining thereto, in witness whereof the seal of the school and the signatures of its officers are hereto affixed; given at Denver, Colorado this 15th day of December in the year of our Lord, two thousand and sixteen. Now entering his fifth decade of ministry, Dr. Bob Larson continues his life’s work to raise up a generation of Warriors for Christ, dedicated to teaching Christians how to “Get Free, Stay Free, and Live Free.”