Ungodly Legalism

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      Mark Chase

        Please use this Topic to post examples of ungodly legalism. Your example can be of any of the five types of ungodly legalism listed in the Lecture. This is an assignment in L2 S15 L1, The Stronghold Part 2.

        I look forward to reading your posts. PM

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        Amanda Allen

          My example follows the second form of ungodly legalism. If I understand correctly; using Proverbs 22:6 to tell a former witch how their salvation can’t be genuine is ungodly legalism?

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          Cheryl Rottman

            A form of legalism that I came across when learning about deliverance years ago is when the teacher told all of us to get rid of all of our crosses in our homes. She said it represents death and we shouldn’t have crosses displayed on our walls, or even be wearing crosses as jewelry. She also said we shouldn’t go to churches that display a cross in their building.

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            Joshua Hudson

              This example falls under the fifth form where they call something a sin when the Bible says its not. That is praying in your prayer language (tongues), even 1 Corinthians 14:39 says “Therefore brethren , desire earnestly to prophesy, and do not forbid tongues.” People would go so far as to even say its demonic. But because we are confused, we call it sin and don’t study or ask questions.

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              Joanna Szalecka

                Examples of ungodly legalism:
                1. A woman mustn’t dye her hair because it is sin against her body as the temple of the Holy Spirit (the second and the fifth form).
                2. Women cannot preach at the church services because it indicates a deception of the church (the fifth form).

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                  Mark Chase

                    The key issue with women working in the church (including women conducting deliverance ministry) is that women are not to exercise authority over men. Jana spoke on this topic at the 2023 Annual Convention. Click on 2023 Convention, and then find Jana’s video. Everyone needs to watch her talk on this important issue.

                    Declaring that women are not to exercise authority over men in the church is not ungodly legalism, it is Scriptural.

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                  Sally Anne Gist

                    – An example of the 3rd kind of ungodly legalism is requiring women to wear only dresses/skirts to church.

                    – An example of the 4th kind can be found at a YouTube channel operated by Sean Griffin and his wife. They are very godly, very sincere believers, but they teach that all of the Old Testament requirements are still in effect today. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPMdmqkW3nnq2Yvqj1ZxSCw

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                      Mark Chase

                        Requiring women to wear definitively female clothing at church is more of a disputable matter of faith (L1 S1 L6) rather than ungodly legalism. Church leadership has a right to interpret Deuteronomy 22:5 and make this rule if they choose to. One thing is certain, however. This is the fact that demons get legal right when a man uses feminine clothes or a woman uses masculine clothes.

                        As in all things, God does not like MIXING. He wants women to be women and men to be men. He wants believers to be believers and pagans to be pagans. In all things, God says to be one or the other, but not to be in between! We all need to pray and ask where we grieve His Spirit regarding clothing or anything else in our lives.

                        Incidentally, my wife only uses dresses at church and insists that our daughter do the same. I don’t disagree with this.

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                      Steven Ching

                        1 An example of ungodly legalism is when JW’s are required to go out and knock on doors to promote that false religion in order to be in good standing with the Watchtower requirements to be a
                        faithful member and qualify to be accepted by God. 2 Another example is when people “put in their time” by attending church on Sunday’s, to be “good enough” for God, but have no actual confidence in their relationship with Him and live out their week without His influence and guidance in their lives. They are trying to justify themselves in God’s sight by their own efforts instead of relying on the identity and work of Jesus.

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                        Sanne Stouwdam

                          Ungodly legalism would be to put too much or even all emphasis on (good) works, as done in a couple of denominations. Godly legalism would be to say that faith without works is indeed dead, but salvation is through faith alone.

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                            How about when someone says that only one English version of the Bible is correct, that all others are flawed or mistranslated. That somehow one version is more anointed than all other versions.

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                            Oscar Snider

                              One that comes to my mind was while growing up some of my friends weren’t able to play sports because their denomination said it was a sin.

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