Reply To: Ungodly Legalism

Mark Chase

    Requiring women to wear definitively female clothing at church is more of a disputable matter of faith (L1 S1 L6) rather than ungodly legalism. Church leadership has a right to interpret Deuteronomy 22:5 and make this rule if they choose to. One thing is certain, however. This is the fact that demons get legal right when a man uses feminine clothes or a woman uses masculine clothes.

    As in all things, God does not like MIXING. He wants women to be women and men to be men. He wants believers to be believers and pagans to be pagans. In all things, God says to be one or the other, but not to be in between! We all need to pray and ask where we grieve His Spirit regarding clothing or anything else in our lives.

    Incidentally, my wife only uses dresses at church and insists that our daughter do the same. I don’t disagree with this.