Reply To: What would you do in this situation???

Patrice Gaillard

    Interesting scenario and great learning experience. Ps Mark has taught us that if the HS allows the manifestation, it is because He wants to set the PRM free. In this case, it would be a sovereign deliverance situation, but since the demons would not leave, we can assume they have legal rights. What I would do given the opportunity, is command the demons to be bound and go down and have the PRM come up, go through RAM prayers, RAM CB, RAM SD, then do general IH, provoke the demons again and do a general CO.Lastly suggest the PRM make an Appt for F/U deliverance counseling to address further needs. Obviously, you would not have been able to do that because you were asked to leave. In your case, I would have left. Let’s see what Ps. Mark has to say. Thanks Doug for raising the question.