Reply To: Women ministering to Women

Dana Lyn

    Hi Stacy,

    I have been bringing this topic before the Lord quite a bit and have been led to keep my ministry predominantly women. Out of ~200 PRMS, I have only met one on one with ~15 males and 5 were children and teens between 6-19 years old. Most of the adult men I ministered to were husbands of PRMS who claimed that they would only do the ministry with me since they saw the results their wives had. I had 2 single men that were inappropriate earlier this year which led me to set new boundaries. I choose not to do ministry with men remotely close to my age if they are single. I will do a consultation with a husband of a PRM to see if it is a good fit. My preference for one on one ministry is women only, but do not turn someone away if I feel the Lord has brought them to my ministry. I look forward to hearing Pastor Jana speak on this topic next month!
    God bless you!