Reply To: Women ministering to Women

Patrice Gaillard

    Hi Stacey,
    Thank you for your question. I do believe there is a place and time where a woman would indirectly minister to men, such as women who are placed in leadership roles by God as in the case of Deborah and other women leaders referenced in the Bible. I do emphasize indirectly minister to men. I have taught and preached at churches where men were part of the congregation. However, in the sense of direct ministry, I hold fast to Titus 2, women minister to women. Even in the practical sense, women can better relate to women from a psychological, spiritual and experiential perspective. Not to mention the potential risks involved. We have seen so many great men of God fall prey to the enemy for lack of establishing boundaries in this area in their ministries. Women and families are the target audience for my ministry of counseling,IH and deliverance. I only minister to men when it involves family and pre-marital counseling. Would I turn away from a man who needed my help incidentally?Absolutely not. I would do the needful always with the proper boundaries in place, and as dictated by the principles of Love. Very good point of discussion Stacey and Ps. Jana.
    To God be the Glory.