Reply To: Repentance Is the Foundation

Tri Suseno

    Repentance indeed is the Foundation of our ministry.

    There is so much emphasis on a false doctrines (which “tickle the ears”) which include the gospel of salvation that is not from good works but by faith only. Yes, that is correct, but incomplete. I told my PRMs the difference between “good works” to be saved (e.g., donate as much money to the poor or churches) to try go to heaven (which doesn’t work) but still harboring secret adulterous relationships and unforgiveness, AND full repentance of all these secret sins and receiving God’s grace and mercy and forgiveness through faith in the Blood of Jesus.

    i.e., there is a huge difference between “doing good works” and “repenting of sins”. Too many churches these days focus on the former, but ignore the latter! That’s an incomplete and hence false doctrine of salvation!

    Last night was a beautiful deliverance counselling session for a 64 year old lady. Her daughter (who had 3 DE sessions and have been delivered and inner healed powerfully) sat next to her mother for this DE1 session. We went through the repentance question, “Do you think you are a good person, mam?” And she said, “No, because…. and ….”. I discerned that the repentance was not complete. So I said, okay, “let me ask you another question, maam. I have a friend who is a rich businessman from Bali who is Buddhist and he told me that he didn’t believe in reincarnation but in the Christian’s heaven and hell, and asked me, “Ps Tri, I am a good person. I give every month to the poor, to the sick, I take care of the orphans, of all my staff, my wife and family, my parents etc. When I die, will I go to heaven?” ”

    I then asked my PRM last night, “Maam, what do you think? Will my Balinese friend go to heaven or hell?” Then the PRM (64-year old lady) said, “Heaven, because of his good works.” I said to myself, “Aha. Her repentance was not complete.”

    So I started to go through the verses with her Isaiah 64:6, Romans 3:10, 23, etc. Romans 5:19,…. afterward, I discerned that she fully repented and led her to a prayer. AFter the prayer, I laid my hand on her and asked the Lord to fill her with the Holy Spirit. Within 5 seconds, she was infilled and full of the Holy Spirit speaking in tongues! The daughter was clapping in the background.

    Then I proceeded to the technical inner healing and technical deliverance sessions, and significant inner healing and deliverance occurred last night, including physical healing from long-term chronic illnesses from this 64-year old PRM.

    Deep repentance is the foundation of this ministry. Praise Jesus!