Reply To: Repentance Is the Foundation

Bradley Evans

    Repentance is truly the foundation of our ministry of deliverance. Without true repentance, the ministry of deliverance falls apart. Repentance makes room and invites the hand of God to move on our behalf. We see historically that there has not been any true move of God without a move of repentance. The most extraordinary move of God was the 1st coming of Jesus, which was led by John the Baptist, who carried one message, which was repentance. This first move was a type and shadow of successive moves; there was a deep focus on repentance in every awakening and revival. From that place, God moved powerfully upon whole regions and territories. If we want God’s mighty hand personally or corporately, it will require that we live a lifestyle of repentance. The Holy Spirit is Holy, and He moves in response to a contrite heart (also a gift) and the repentance that God births from that posture.