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Avatar photoStacy Hulm

    Sometimes when I’m studying these lessons, I will feel myself being stretched to believe things that the normal churched person would find hard to swallow. When I find myself feeling this I will sometimes just outright ask God, “Is this true?”

    One night this week, I picked up my bible and randomly flipped it open to a page and started reading. I rarely do that because my bible is typically already open to some chapter I’m reading. It flipped open to Proverbs so I started reading chapter 26 and stopped on verse 2. I thought, “Wow, this verse clearly says that a curse can’t just “land” on anyone it wants.” I mused over the fact that 2 years ago that verse would not have stood out to me.

    TWO DAYS LATER, I logged in to my daily lesson and was shocked to see that it started off with the Causeless curse verse, Prov 26:2. My mouth literally fell open! I think I even said something like, “Lord, seriously??!!” lol! Out of 66,000 verses in the bible I just “happened” to flip my bible open to the verse that was going to be in my lesson two days later. That’s the confirmation of God!”

    I knew the Lord was showing me that I’m exactly where I need to be, studying what I need to be studying, pursuing the call he put on my life and Yes, this IS true!

    Mark, thank you for all your hard work in putting these lessons together. There have been a few lessons that I’ve had to take a Selah moment and let them just minister to me. I love receiving ministry from God as I study the lessons. Such good stuff!

    Thank you!