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Christina Attidore

    God will NEVER EVER STOP fighting for us, His body, for us His Bride, for us His Church!
    The Lord did not say, Let Us make man in Our own image for no reason! Jesus burns🔥 with such an uncomprehendable passion for us, that is far beyond what human words have the ability to even describe. This is me dancing, and a sweet young girl named Marie, doing ASL. Marie came to me one Sunday last summer, and she asked me to worship to this song while she did the sign language. I was so honored to do so, being that she was 17 yrs. old. The Holy Spirit put it on our hearts to combine worship dance with sign language, releasing the worship that only He may give. I Hope this encourages us all, that in His perfect timing, God makes ALL things right, and that God will NEVER stop fighting for us ALL🙏🏾🙌.