Reply To: Welcome to Invicta University!

Esther Lott

    Hello everyone!
    I am very glad to be in this class. My husband is pastor at Blue Hills Church, which formally voted on Sunday to change our name to Consuming Fire Ministries. From the time we met, my husband has been praying for the ‘greater works’ that Jesus talks about, and I have spent many years helplessly watching people’s lives fall apart. From the time I was a child, I couldn’t understand why people in my family continued the same counterproductive behaviors and mindsets year after year. I also knew there was something dark and ugly inside me. So I literally just didn’t look in the mirror and tried to help people as best as I could. A year after we were married we attended one of Jay Bartlett’s deliverance meetings. We took some people from church with us, hoping that one in particular would get free. That night, God chose me to get free. I had no knowledge of Jezebel at that time and little understanding of demons. It was a crash course! For over a year, I was scared to hear God’s voice for fear I would confuse His voice with a demonic voice. I knew He was perfect, but I had absolutely no confidence in my ability to distinguish between good and evil. While it was amazing to be free, I didn’t know how to proceed. It was like learning to walk all over again, without Jezebel’s coaching. Several years later, we trusted another deliverance minister who wasn’t as mature spiritually as my husband and I thought. He accused me of harboring Jezebel instead of recognizing that I was struggling with post-partum depression. He decided to ‘expose evil’ in front of all the church leaders and cast Jezebel out at that time. Until that prayer, I hadn’t heard from Jezebel since the first deliverance. From that time on, she regularly shows up with her lies and I have to battle her regularly. I look forward to learning more so I can grow in discernment for myself and to help others get free. After that experience, I understand how important it is to listen to the Holy Spirit, to walk in love, and to know what you’re doing. Mis-diagnosis is dangerous. I want to help people, not make things worse.
    If anyone wants to contact me, please email [email protected].