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Rachael Nicholas

    Hi Everyone. My name is Rachael and I live in Northern Virginia. I have a daughter who happens to have Down Syndrome (but is doing incredibly well praise the Lord). My husband is a security specialist at NASA. My home church is Relentless DC I have been learning about deliverance for more than a decade but I have been actively training to help deliver others for about 4 years now. Our church has an active deliverance ministry. I have a podcast called “Life for Your Soul” that I do with my ministry and business partner Virginia Price. We have a business called Sevenfold Media and a ministry called The Sevenfold. Our business side does website design, audio engineering, photography and podcast production. Our ministry side is focused on revealing the sevenfold Spirit of God (Holy Spirit in all his forms) from Isaiah 11:2. Website info My email [email protected] phone # 919-619-8825