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Margareth Henslee

    When I come close to people, sometimes I can start feeling an attack from the devil himself. It comes as if someone was hitting my head. I come to the person that I felt that, and I rebuke it right the way, and the person very often tells me that they had a headache, and now the headache is gone. Before Invicta, I didn’t know what was happening. I often had these feelings, but now I fight them with the right weapons, and I feel relieved.
    The tools thought here like using the word, I always knew, but the bible, and the cross, and the oil…It makes much more efficient.
    At my church, the pastor asked us to pray for a friend, all men got up, and went to pray, I got up, and went to pray for the guy. I had my oil on hand. I didn’t think much, I prayed, and went back to sit, than I remember about my oil. I came to the man, and I asked if I could pray for him, and anoint him with a blessed oil from Moses tabernacle recipe. He agreed. I pray for him, and he got healed. He was happy to tell me to the point he asked me how I got the oil, and I told him that I made by myself from a recipe online, I gave him the address, and he was happy. He told me when I prayed for him, he saw something leaving him. I didn’t do anything, I just got up, and went to speak with him, I had the feeling I could help. Again, Invicta gives me what I need to know