Reply To: Welcome to Invicta University!

Mary Orfino

    Hello, My name is Mary. I am 55 years old. I am a Christain single parent. My youngest daughter is 16 and home-schooled. I have a son, age 24, who lives locally and a daughter 21, who currently does mission work in North Africa. I am Catholic. I am also concurrently a member of a newly founded church in Fort Lauderdale named Everlasting Life. (I would like to mention that Catholics believe that all Christians who are saved by the gift of faith in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and confess that Jesus died on the cross for our sins so that we may have eternal life, are our brothers and sisters in Christ. Catholics do not worship Mary or the saints and are not idolators, as many people and other Christian denominations falsely accuse or believe.) I am very thankful to our Lord that He has led me to Invicta University. I have been praying and expecting for God to lead me to deeper knowledge, in my mind and heart, as well as spiritually in this phase of my life for a while now, therefore, I feel Invicta is an answer to that prayer. I am looking forward to deliverance and inner healing for myself, friends and my family and am willing for God to use me in this ministry of deliverance. I pray that learning from Mark and Jana, and putting what I learn to practice, will aid me greatly in putting God first in all things and to faithfully work in His vineyard with His love for all of mankind.