Reply To: Level 2 Deliverance

Mark Chase

    Hello Tri, thank you for the post. An inner vow (L1S5L1) is a self curse. The most emblematic of which would be the hurt girlfriend declaring to herself: I WILL NEVER LET A MAN HURT ME AGAIN. These evil self promises are curses and must be broken through repentance and declaration.

    In your first example, the PRM asked God to do something that hindered her own deliverance. It appears as though this gave LR to the demons to not have to manifest. A similar situation occurs when the PRM declares pre-session: I DO NOT WANT TO MANIFEST ANY DEMONS. Sure enough, this PRM will likely not manifest any demons!

    In the second example, a similar thing happened. She cursed herself (I DO NOT PERMIT A CERTAIN DM TO HEAL ME) and the demons were able to use this against her.

    I wouldn’t really call either one of these inner vows though. They are more like simple word curses. Inner vows are a specific kind of word curse. From L1S5L1:

    A jilted woman utters an inner vow: “I’m never going to give my heart to another man.” Inner vows, also known as evil self-promises, are self-word curses. They are spoken in times of hurt, anger, or fear with the intention to punish oneself, protect oneself, protect another, or hurt another. An inner vow is a self-curse. It is also a form of word curse.

    God bless you!