Reply To: Level 2 Deliverance Counseling

Mark Chase

    Hello Joshua,

    Many a time, Jana and I used to arrive at the church, set up for an appointment, and then receive the dreaded text message: HELLO PASTOR, SORRY FOR THE LATE NOTICE, BUT SOMETHING CAME UP AND I WILL BE UNABLE TO MAKE OUR APPOINTMENT TODAY. I WILL CALL YOU LATER TO RESCHEDULE. It was very frustrating since I had worked all day at my secular job, then spent travel time to get to the church, then spent time setting up the appointment space–only to see it all come to nothing.

    Before we asked for a suggested donation to the ministry (SDM), no-shows were a problem. Once we initiated the SDM, the problem of no-shows disappeared. One possibility is that you start asking for an SDM. Perhaps, you might ask for a suggested donation of $50 for the session. The SDM is given when the appointment is made and you can let the PRM know that it is non-refundable.

    The concept of the SDM will be taught on heavily in Level 3 of IU. There are other ways as well to ensure that the PRM has ownership in her session as well. For example, our SCD applicants must fill out a lengthy application before they are accepted for SCD referral.

    God bless your ministry and remember that you are worthy of your wages.