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Kathy Oquinn

    Hello friends. My name is Kathy O’Quinn. I live in the small town of Bogalusa, LA (around 60 miles from New Orleans). I’m not currently in ministry but know that God has called me into Deliverance. When I have the time, I would love to share my full testimony and how I found Invicta Ministries. But for now a quick back story. As a small child I was tormented nightly by a demon I called Hatman. He would come into my room every night and paralyze me with fear. It was like he came to feed off my fear. I received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit at the age of 10 and the hatman went away along with all the memories of my nightly encounters with him. At the of Thirty I was married with two sons and the proud owner of a successful dance studio. Then one day while reminiscing with my sisters, something was said that triggered all my memories of the demon that used to torment me as a kid. I realized that Jesus saved me and set me free from demonic attacks that the world knows as sleep paralysis. The following week God revealed to me that one of my dancers was seeing the same demon that I used to see as a kid. Not just at night… followed her everywhere she went and told her she was worthless. She thought she was crazy. I knew I was supposed to help her. After a lot of prayer I told her about the demon that used to visit me, that I knew that she was seeing the same thing and that she wasn’t crazy. I told her the next time she saw it to say, “In Jesus name Satan you have to flee.” The next week she came and told me that she told it to leave in Jesus name and hasn’t seen it since. Amen!! After that God kept sending me people who were being tormented by demons. Like complete strangers would come up to me and and tell me that they see demons. I didn’t know how to cast demons out of them but I did know how to help them find some freedom by telling them to command demons to leave in Jesus name. For the past few years demons have started to manifest in people in front of me. Some I have been able to cast out and some just laughed at me. That’s why I’m here. Everyone I know needs deliverance and I need to know how to help them find freedom. I’m excited!

    Be blessed my friends,
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