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Kelvin Epps

    Blessing’s everyone!!

    My name is Kelvin Epps I’m from Byron, Ga. I’ve been drawn to deliverance ministry for some time now. I’ve witnessed a few encounters at church, which I desperately wanted to help. I would stand behind the ministers as they prayed for the person seeking deliverance. I would pray in the spirit, and God would give me what to say, and I would see the strong holds being broken. Then I would stop because I felt I was taking over, and I wasn’t a minister, and I saw the way the ministers would look at me, but the people seeking deliverance never got deliverance.
    I want to see God’s people delivered, so I started researching deliverance ministry. That’s how I found Invicta Ministries. I got permission from my pastor and signed up.
    I have a niece that’s in need of deliverance from several things. She’s been diagnosed with a lot of metal disorders. She’s been raped, molested, and the list goes on. We’ve formed a close friendship over the last year. We pray together about three times a week. One morning as we prayed she started growling at me. I realized she was getting deliverance. The next day she told me she no longer hear the three voices that she’s heard since she was five. In order for her to receive complete deliverance, I will need the help of God and this school for training. The course seems a little over bearing for me, but it’s a wealth of knowledge that a desperately need.
    My email is [email protected]