Reply To: Level 2 Inner Healing

Tri Suseno

    In a group of PRMs, I repeatedly discovered in a group of different PRMs strong “intentional” SDs of a group of Christian “group” leadership team members, whom the PRMs had been under spiritual mentorship /association before.

    These kept coming up again and again and hid demons behind them (such as jezebel, leviathan and mammon).

    Over time, the PRMs realised that these required them leaving that Christian “group”, and these created questions about “SDs” within the PRMs and their circles – as Christians, why should we “avoid” these people? Can’t we still “hang around” them as we have forgiven and blessed them etc.

    I kept advising for some of them that, yes, but the issue is, for some of you, the SDs will come back again and the demons, (through ungodly soul ties (manipulation including emotional blackmail etc.)).

    Please let me know if you have insights / experiences with the same issue, and how to resolve them over time.