Reply To: Level 2 Deliverance

Tri Suseno

    One issue/best practice I encountered recently during DE sessions with a PRM is the existence of “Inner vows” (or promises the PRM made with God/devil) – for instance, “So that I don’t dramatise these deliverances, God can You please make me unconscious during deliverance.” This actually hindered the deliverance and expulsion (couldn’t expel the demon), until the Holy Spirit alerted me to this and confronted the PRM about this (which the PRM acknowledged (thank you Holy Spirit!)) and had to do a RAM prayer together with PRM to cancel this in the name of Jesus.

    Another “Inner vow / promise” is that the PRM had to cancel (on a different day) something like this: PRM, pressured by the demon(s) due to strong DPQD, acquiesced to demon(s)’ voices by making a promise: “I don’t want to be delivered by DM (Tri) anymore, since I should be able to do my own self-deliverance.” (or words like this). Holy Spirit again alerted me to this when the demons could not be marshalled and expelled. Once this is cancelled, then the demons were marshalled and expelled much easier in the name of Jesus.

    Just something to share / note.