Reply To: Clinician’s Corner

Carrie Yager

    Hello DM Family,
    My background is in Pastoral Counseling (8 years), though I am currently employed at a secular Life Coaching organization (9 years) in Austin, Texas. No matter where I am working, I find myself counseling the emotional symptoms of spiritual problems.
    Having experienced some small or temporary relief, people will oftentimes bring their children to me or refer their family members. Silently I grieve at the effects of generational curses. I feel like I am swatting at flies when the screen door is wide open in the kitchen. I have a heavy burden to address the root cause of these issues and to see people freed from the bondage they walk in with. I don’t want to keep taking their money and entertaining demons on my couch every week. I can’t feel like I am doing God’s work like this, or that God’s will is being done on earth as it is in heaven. I have a burning in my belly to battle head-on with my Sword drawn, and to rescue back some of the souls that have been paraded past me for all these years.
    Happily Serving,
    Austin, Texas
    [email protected]