Reply To: Soul deposits

Mark Chase

    Hello Tiffany,

    You ask excellent questions. Since the nature of your questions really forms part of the Level 2 curriculum of IU, I will give a very brief answer here.

    Demons bring a part of another’s mind (soul) over the UST in order to infect the host. When the host has the SD, additional hiding place (read, LR) is available to the demons, making it harder to cast them out. SD’s can be intentionally deposited or spontaneously deposited. Once again, you will learn about this in Level 2.

    Most people with SD’s are unaware of the existence of the SD, except that they might report a more-than-usual amount of dreams or thoughts about the donor of the SD.

    The bottom line is that we need to teach the PRM during DC that we should not want to have SD’s as they create a situation of double-mindedness. We also stress to the PRM that SD’s are NOT the actual donor–they are a type of “memory” of the donor.