Reply To: Welcome to Invicta University!

Avatar photoTim Rugenstein

    Hello Everyone!

    It was wonderful to meet you all on the Zoom call yesterday! My name is Tim and I’m from Michigan. I discovered Invicta in the fall of 2017 through Youtube and started following Pastor Mark on the Friday night Periscope broadcasts that he used to do. (Miss those!) Over the nest year I had several sessions with Pastor, working through my own deliverance and helping me work through my second divorce, which, of course was highly demonically influenced.

    I first realized that deliverance ministry was my calling in the fall of 2010, having just gone through my FIRST divorce; an experience that was a very violent awakening to the seriousness of face to face spiritual warfare which included many different manifestations through my ex wife, such as her voice changing to a deep, growly man’s voice during a speaker phone call, witnessed by a friend. God’s Holy Spirit guided me through and counseled me on that and many other experiences during that whole ordeal that ultimately culminated in me telling the Heavenly Father that I didn’t just want to be a “soldier” in his army, but that I wanted to be His “special forces”, if you will. I wanted to go into the ENEMY’S house and plunder HIS goods, be instrumental in setting free those whom he has enslaved. I didn’t know what deliverance ministry was at the time nor that there was a methodology to it. It is exciting to see the Father now, after a length time of preparation, is moving me into this new season and into my “assignment”. My contact info is [email protected] or I am on FB (Tim Rugenstein) or Instagram (tangowhiskeyromeo). I am also on WhatsApp and Signal but not very often.

    I know that most of you have been at this for a while but I’m happy to be joining you all on this journey. God’s rich blessings on you all!