Reply To: Clinician’s Corner

Amanda Allen

    Happy Day!
    I just got the call from my student advisor, and was informed that I will be graduating with a bachelor’s degree in mental health counseling, with emphasis on CPTSD, and PCRT (Complex Post Traumatic Stress disorder, and Post-Cult reintegration therapy).

    This is important to me because in the world of Theistic Satanist Cults I was an anomaly. It is uncommon that cult members live independently from their respective community. This means they may have missing, or no skills for fitting into the world outside of the cult, and may possess marketable skills such as Construction, textile weaving, farming, and animal husbandry with no formal documentation.
    These refugees, as there really is no more an appropriate term for them may also need assistance obtaining basic identity documentation; such as birth certificate, or here in the U.S. Social Security Card, and State issued I.D. There will likely be no documentation of secondary school completion in cases coming from Cults such as the Finders, because they withhold even basic education to maintain control of their victims.

    I will seek official licensure once I am settled in Florida, and will use what know, and what I have learned to help others not just recover but thrive in complete freedom and a new life far from the manipulation and abuse of cult systems.

    May I do this in Jesus’ name.