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Joshua Hudson

    Hey Amanda this is Joshua thank you for your testimony and teaching. Iv’e been praying for you and I believe the Lord was saying your like David. David was a great man of God. The Lord was very pleased with him. He had many enemies many of whom were close to him even his sons. But as David trusted in the Lord, time and time again he was delivered from his enemies. Not only that but his enemies were delivered into his hands.

    1. in Samuel 24 Saul searched for David in a cave. David was able to sneak up to him undetected and even cut a piece of his garment.

    1 Samuel 26:12
    So David took the spear and water jug near Saul’s head, and they left. No one saw or knew about it, nor did anyone wake up. They were all sleeping, because the LORD had put them into a deep sleep.

    Also just as David he prayed for his enemies and I believe you have that heart as well. So be encouraged not only are you protected but I believe that people will be saved when they see the Lord working through you. God bless you woman of God