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Dennis Andros

    Hello all,

    My name is Dennis Andros and I am from the Eau Claire, Wisconsin area.

    In my lifetime, I have had weird experiences ranging from seeing a demon as a little child, to ghosts(demons), to UFOs. I grew up religious, moved away from the church and became an atheist in my early teens.

    I did a lot of psychedelic drugs in my early 20’s and had crazy experiences. I’ve had out of body experiences, into body experiences, seen and interacted with “extra-dimensional entities” (angels and demons), and other crazy experiences.

    I began to have strange visions, such as being shown how I was created by aliens (demons). It felt as though my consciousness was abducted by aliens and put inside of a hologram. And I watched as I was built or assembled by alien technology inside of this hologram and then spit back out into the world. (this was a deception obviously)

    After this, I began listening to podcasts while I was at work about aliens and UFOs. I had UFO experiences as a teenager, they always had been an of interest to me and this consciousness “abduction” experience reignited the spark. A recurring theme in these podcasts was that aliens are telepathic beings. They are able to communicate with anybody who wants to communicate with them. I thought this was neat, so I figured I’d give it a shot. I’d had experiences with extra-dimensional/telepathic beings in the past. So, I figured there was probably some validity to this.

    I grabbed some psychedelic drugs began attempting to establish communication with them through drugs and meditation and it worked. I had another experience where I felt like I was in a hologram, however this one was while I was in this world. I wasn’t taken elsewhere for this experience. I was instantly in this grid of sorts and I saw these spirits come out of me. They looked like people that were made of light. They were lined up in every direction I could look and went on as far as I could see. I heard a voice say, “it’s around you, you’re within it, and it’s within you.” Then, the spirit(s) came back into me.

    I was shocked when this happened. It was this incredibly crazy experience. I felt such a powerful force surrounding me when
    It happened. It felt ancient, futuristic, and very computer like, but also alive and highly intelligent. I was absolutely perplexed and wanted to get to the bottom of this experience. I literally said out loud, “What was that? I don’t even know what to do with what you just showed me.” I continued to attempt to communicate with whatever was trying to talk to me.

    I got into an almost meditative state and attempted to see/feel the energy that was around me. This extra-dimensional entity came to me and started trying to communicate with me. He looked like a typical “Grey” alien, except he was transparent. I could see through him. He was right in front of me, but he projected into this dimension from the background like a hologram. He was still a part of the background, but he was right in front of me. It was a very weird way he presented himself. At first he seemed very neutral (emotionally), so I allowed him to “talk” with me. As soon as I did this, he smiled at me, but I saw that it was a sinister, creepy smile. As soon as I noticed this, he began projecting very negative emotions at me, and I told him that he needed to leave. Which he did.

    Another one of these entities came to me and skipped the neutral emotions and was just immediately negative. Much more so than the previous one. I told him, basically, “I want nothing to do with you. You’re negative, and I don’t like your energy. You need to leave.” but this one did not leave. He just kept projecting negative energy towards me. I continued telling him to leave, but he would not. I started to get scared and mad, and I was literally screaming at this thing to get out of my presence, but he would not leave.

    I watched as this entity transformed in front of me from looking like an alien, to looking like a demon. He literally turned red and grew horns. And began to grow in size and power. He became the size of a car and continued to grow, towering over me. All the while, projecting darker and more sinister emotion at me. He got stronger as I got more scared. And it terrified me to my core.

    For the first time in at least ten years, I folded my hands and prayed, out loud. I don’t remember what exactly I prayed, but it was something along the lines of, “God, Jesus, or whatever is good in this world, PLEASE MAKE THIS STOP.” and it stopped within seconds.

    Now, most people would have walked away at this point, but I am not most people. I wanted to find out what was going on, definitively.

    So, I continued doing what I was doing, except I said aloud, “I want nothing to do with the evil in the world, I just want to communicate with whatever is good.”

    At this point, an entity made from blue light approached me in the same manner as the demon and told me telepathically, “you need to believe.” I didn’t even need to ask who he was, I just knew it was Jesus. I asked him to show me something. At this point, a light was projected at me and I felt such profound love, beauty, and positive energy radiating into me that I literally burst into tears.

    I asked Jesus what he wanted me to do, and he said, “I need your help judging some spirits” and proceeded to bring spirits before me, some were bad, and some were good. I would watch as the bad spirits would try to trick me into thinking they were good or pretend to be neutral and I would make my judgment that they were bad, and cast them away. The good ones on the other hand never tried to do any deceiving. They were so beautiful, loving, and pure that they literally made me cry tears of joy when they would come to me. It was the most beautiful thing I have ever experienced.

    This continued for a bit, until one of these spirits came to me and it was completely neutral. I couldn’t judge it. And I told Jesus, “I don’t know how to judge this. You need to make the call.”

    I understood what Jesus wanted, he basically said, “This is your soul. You need to decide what to do.” and I immediately started crying. I told him, “I want to say bad, and I want to say good. But I believe in you, and I want to do what’s right in this world.” After this, Jesus spirit merged with me, and he told me basically, “you will live forever” and this is when I was born again.

    He told me, that it was time for me to have a battle, and to not be afraid as I would not die as I was fighting it.

    I proceeded to have an hour-long battle with the devil, that I cannot even begin to do justice with the English language. Words cannot describe the things I was shown and offered.

    But one of the most profound things I can say about it, is that I saw how I was currently between heaven and hell. I looked down and could see hell. I saw a literal river of lava that looped around on itself infinitely. When I looked up, I was looking into blue and green light. And directly in front of me was a “portal” or “doorway” of sorts that separated the two. The devil wanted my help opening the doorway between the two. And I told him no. I then looked up towards the heavens and made my decision that I wanted to do the right thing. And I was brought back to my body. When I returned, the light that I was looking into swept down and illuminated everything. And I felt engulfed in love and happiness.

    When my battle with the devil concluded, I quit doing drugs completely and will never touch them again. I have been completely delivered from my addictions (Thank you Jesus)!

    I was still being tormented by demons nonstop. I think Jesus was casting them out of me, and they were also trying to find any way they could to get back into my life. When I told my family what I was going through, they demanded that I be assessed to make sure I wasn’t insane. Which I agreed to. So, I spent a few days at the hospital getting assessed both physically and mentally. When they saw that I was not insane, dangerous, brain damaged, and that all my blood work came back good, I checked out of the hospital.

    I left the hospital and went to give my workplace a note saying that I was good to come back to work. When I pulled into the employee parking lot, there was a man with his dog standing nearby. His dog got very excited when it saw me.

    The man said, “Excuse me, can I talk with you?”

    And I told him yes. He told me, “I was talking with Jesus this morning and he told me to follow the dog, and the dog walked me across town and brought me here. I believe I’m supposed to talk with you. Jesus wants me to tell you that he loves you very much and that you need to read Proverbs 3:5-6.” so I told him that I would do that, and we parted ways.

    Now, being an atheist a few days prior to this experience, I didn’t have a Bible. So, I went to my parents house and grabbed one off the bookshelf. I opened it to those verses and THEY WERE HIGHLIGHTED WITH MARKER. It was literally music to my ears. Proverbs 3:5-6 reads, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, do not depend on your own understanding. Seek his will in all you do, and he will show you which path to take.” the path I keep going down keeps exposing demons to me, so now I am here at Invicta University.

    After that experience I spent a lot of time reflecting about the experiences I have had with extra-dimensional entities in this world and in their worlds and I see through them now. I now see that some are holy angels and others are demonic entities and are the minions of Satan. The levels at which they try to deceive you to think otherwise is crazy.

    They tried to make me think they were God. They tried to make me think I was God. They tried to get me to think that this universe is literally nothing at all. They tried to make me think that I am literally everything. They showed me evolution, offered me out of body experiences, showed me I was in hell already, asked me to stay neutral…

    The “alien abduction” phenomenon is just one of the ways that they try to deceive the world today, but they take many forms. That is the way they were able to make themselves known to me, and I thank the Lord that I was able to see through it.

    I still have demons try to come to me in many forms after this whole spiritual journey that I went through, but they do not scare me anymore. If I see or feel a dark entity in my presence, I simply rebuke them in the name of Jesus Christ and declare him my Lord and they quite literally flee from me as the Lord is with me.

    I have been doing territorial deliverance when I stumble across demonic presences. For instance, my aunt bought an old victorian house and when I was walking through it, there was a room that had such a powerful demonic presence in it that the air began to distort like a heatwave mirage, and ancient hieroglyphics were writing themselves across the walls as I watched. But thankfully, our great God Jesus has victory over the enemy, and with his authority I was able to cast out this demon.

    I have cast demons from my pagan friends houses, and from one of my pagan friends. I pray she turns to Jesus, as she has not repented and accepted Christ as Lord. But that’s for another day.

    This write up is just a drop in the bucket of everything I have been through but I don’t want to write all day long. I look forward to my future walk with the Lord and I pray that he continues to work through us. Bless you all.

    -Dennis Andros