Reply To: Welcome to Invicta University!

Joshua Hudson

    Hello im Joshua I go to Consuming Fire in Kansas City. I grew up in a baptist houshold. We went to church but nobody read nor followed the word of God. I didn’t get saved until I started the job I have now as a machinist. One of my co-workers rebuked me for my hipocrosy. I was angry, prideful and bitter. I was bullied growing up and it made me angry. Once he rebuked me I eventually repented and changed my life. Hes now my prayer and ministry partner and hell be joining the class soon. Iv’e been saved for about 8 years. The Lord gave me a dream and I immedialty waited for my wife and 4 years later I found her. My wife has done missions for 10 years before she met me. We both evangelize together and 2 years ago when I joined Blue Hills I started to preach and train in prophecy. Im excited about this class and what the Lords about to do. God bless you guys!

    My number is 816-522-2516