Reply To: Welcome to Invicta University!


    Hi Everyone,

    My name is David Curie from Melbourne, Australia.

    I’ve been a (poor practising) Christian for many years, however, after watching Pastor Marks deliverance ministry on youtube, through the power of Jesus I assisted in the deliverance of a family member who fully manifested a demon. At that point, I knew it was time to step up and become a better Christian.

    However, in my pursuit to understand deliverance and execute it ‘appropriately’, I found a plethora of books, but never found a course available that can provide the level of understanding, knowledge and procedure that Paster Mark provides – so I’m very grateful to be part of this course and desperately wanting to learn and deeply understand as much as possible so that I can assist so many that have asked for deliverance.

    Looking forward to corresponding and learning with you all on this incredible journey ahead.

    Good Bless,