Reply To: Help! I did it wrong!

Sally Anne Gist

    Yes, I should have waited until I had learned more. My concern was that I would not be able to deliver her of things I had not resolved myself (unknowingly), and that is certainly what occurred. I am having a really hard time with this. I feel like I violated her. I feel convicted that I tried in my own “strength” instead of relying on Jesus alone. I feel like a crime was committed by me against my daughter’s spirit. She is hardly responding to me right now. My heart is breaking to see her like this. She’s so disappointed and distant that I cannot approach her right now with any suggestions of prayer. It’s an awful situation and I feel physically sick about it. I so wish I could go back and undo my attempt to deliver her before my own session. It was a terrible, terrible mistake that I’m afraid will stay with her her whole life, even as a memory that will need to be healed. I didn’t traumatize her with my words or actions, but it was just the length of time I stayed with it and her massive disappointment after having such high hopes for her own healing. But I learned a very valuable lesson I’ll never forget or repeat, and I thank Jesus for that. We are both wounded.

    Update: Just a few minutes after I posted this, my little Etta Rose came in and was very tender and loving and asked me to fix her some chocolate milk (which is her version of offering an olive branch). Praise You, Father! Just this much love from her is so soothing to me. My hope is returning.