Reply To: Help! I did it wrong!

Mark Chase

    Hello Sally Anne,

    First of all, it is wonderful that your 11-year-old has faith. With this, most of the battle is already won! I do believe that your daughter did receive some deliverance, as evidenced by the spitting up. However, when we conduct deliverance and things don’t seem to “work,” we must always go back to the fundamentals. And what is the chief of these fundamentals? LEGAL RIGHT.

    I strongly suggest that you ask her to pray and ask the Holy Spirit to show her what legal right, or rights, the demons enforce. You will learn in Section: The Curse that demons enforce curses. Landed curses represent one of the most common areas of demonic legal rights. You should begin to pray about this as well. Say, “Lord, show my daughter and me what rights the devil has to be in her mind. Expose what the devil holds on to! In the Name of Jesus, Amen.”

    Finally, when we conduct children’s deliverance, there is another fundamental, albeit a more minor fundamental than legal right. This other fundamental is the parent-first principle. When we seek to deliver our children, it is always best practice to take the parents through a process of deliverance first. You will see why this is the case in Section 21, which is the Section about working with children.

    Sally Anne, take your time now to learn the fundamentals of this ministry. Level 1 of Invicta University is all about mastering these fundamentals. Your acquisition of the fundamentals will help you tremendously when you begin to learn the practical side of the ministry of deliverance and inner healing.

    Huge blessings!