Reply To: Level 1 General Forum

Mark Chase

    Hello Sally Anne,

    You are asking some excellent questions! As you move through the Level 1 curriculum, I believe they will be answered.

    A couple of quick points:

    1) One cannot “catch” a demon. You will learn about the myth of demonization by proximity in L1 S4 L2. Instead, the process of demonization (L1 S2 L2) must run its course.

    2) All curses begin as a result of some rebellion (sin). You will learn about the nature of the curse in Section 5.

    3) Our capacity to drive out devils is not dependent on our personal degree of healing. Instead, the Christian can drive out demons due to the authority that has been given to him by Christ. In other words, a born-again Christian with a Jezebel spirit can cast out Jezebel from someone else! You will learn about authority in L1 S2 L3.

    Huge blessings!