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Sally Anne Gist

    I’m so intrigued by the video Amanda posted, but I haven’t viewed it yet because I wanted to ask first, can a person “catch a demon” by viewing a video like that? I’m ignorant on these things, and you guys may have discussed this at Zoom. I want to learn all I can, and insights from those who have actually lived it and been rescued out of it are invaluable! Thank you, Amanda, for exposing it!

    Thought from earlier in the book: Bonnke was beloved by us all, and it’s utterly tragic that he died from throat cancer–in the very instrument he used to fight the darkness. Is it possible satan attacked him with a demon of cancer because, as you explain in the book, he didn’t believe it could happen to a Christian? I know I’m speculating here.

    One more question and I’ll stop: Can a properly trained DM deliver someone of a demon he/she herself still has?