Reply To: Welcome to Invicta University!

Amanda Allen

    My name is Amanda, and I currently live between South West Florida and NY State. I am an SRA survivor. I spent thirty-three years in the Theistic Luciferian faith, a highly organized deeply spiritual satanic cult.

    Jesus saved me three years ago. I have a righteous desire for vengeance against the powers and principalities that empower the cult system I came out of, and all others.

    I hope to establish a safe place for victims of OA to escape to. A place that will provide emergent physical needs, healing of the soul, and spiritual intervention by way of comprehensive deliverance counseling,inner healing, and deliverance ministry; alongside Scripture based CPTSD counseling, and PCRT(Post Cult Reintegration Therapy). I feel called to help the victims of these disgusting satanic systems until there are no more, or I am no more.

    I am enjoying learning with you all. May you read this blessed and highly favored, in the name of Jesus.

    For now I can be reached at
    [email protected]
    Phone/What’s App: 716-578-8503.