Reply To: Satanic Thinking Patterns (STPs)

Eszter Somogyi

    A “DMC” pastor (who does deliverance ministry) told me recently:

    – in a Christian can be only 3-4, maximum 5 demons… who told you you had this much in you? If you would have had it, your mind would have been totally under control of demons.

    – a Christian can be delivered from demons in one session. There is no need to do more.

    – demons don’t remove sicknesses from the body. It’s not biblical. There are spirits of sicknesses in someone, but surely demons won’t cast out demons (as Jesus said).
    It is a misunderstanding of the forceful command of removing fiery darts, etc…

    – it is dangerous to pray for someone who has a deliverance session

    – you have to find legal rights alone. When you have it, we cast out the demons form you. Be an adult Christian!

    I was so sad, because I see how lies are built up… Satan probably thought: okay, let’s limit his work somehow!

    The saddest thing in it that people who received some deliverance, still suffer, and they feel that maybe there is no hope for them, because they have “tried everything” already. They tend to believe that they just have to be “stronger” in faith, it’s their fault that they suffer from certain things, and haven’t found legal rights.

    It would be worthy to write an other book about “DMC”-s, too! 🙂