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    Hello everyone,
    Just introducing myself as I have started Mark’s level one course this past summer 2023. Also had the privilege to be with Mark and Tri for the Dallas group session as well as a private session the morning after. I grew up in a culture of the spirit of religion (Scranton, PA) and completed seminary at a Baptist institution. The final year of my seminary was a Baptist church internship with a friend of mine who embraced the gifts and got tossed from his church (Ocean City, NJ). I saw miracles during that year and became a charismatic believer myself. I attended my seminary oral exam and told them I embraced the gifts of the Spirit. They graduated me but asked me to disassociate myself from them. I honored their request and have never looked back. I now attend a Pentecostal church in Houston, Texas (Victory Christian Center on Cutten Rd) which has a prophetic emphasis and I see many miracles take place weekly. They are the most amazing group of believers I have ever been around but they do not approve of interrogating demons. This past spring of 2023, I prayed over a visiting pastor at the altar of our 3-hour Friday night renewal service. When I was done, he turned and looked at me and said, “I see a bullet-proof vest on you…you have weapons coming out of you…you have bullets coming out of you…you are going to be in deliverance ministry!” I was a little stunned to say the least but had already assisted a church mentor who interrogates demons off-site from our church (of course) with two deliverances. So as I began to process the prophecy from the visiting pastor, I realized God was calling me into deliverance ministry. (My mentor told me to take Mark’s course saying it was the best out there.) The enemy had knocked me out of the pastorate with a prior divorce, so I am thrilled to be addressing the entire person now in deliverance and inner healing of the spirit, soul, and body and providing a more thorough option than the quick 3-5 minute prayer at the altar after a service. I am so excited to be involved with a community of believers who are of like mind. I plan to work through each of Mark’s three courses over the next three years and have many questions for my colleagues as I continue to read posts and learn from you all as well. I look forward to interacting with all of you in the days ahead. Perhaps the greatest thing that can be said of a Christian is what was spoken over the apostle Paul by the Galatians in 1:24 where Paul said, “…they were glorifying God because of me.” Today I praise and glorify God for the work He has done in each of your lives to bring you to this point in your lives to bring inner healing and deliverance to His people. In Jesus mighty name, blessings on each of you.

    In Christ’s love,
    Doug Loescher (56 years old)
    570-906-4898 text/call
    [email protected]