Reply To: Compound Sin

Patrice Gaillard

    2 blood sisters of same mother & same father. The younger sister is single and sleeps with her older sister’s husband on numerous occasions resulting in 2 children
    Years later the older sister finds out from an outside source that her younger sister has 2 children for her husband. The father does not support the children and both sister’s have never disclosed the truth about the children’s paternity to the kids. The sister’s are in good terms, the younger sister has never acknowledged to the older sister that she knows she sinned against her. The husband is also unrepentant. The younger sister filed for child support and the husband of the older sister has threatened to deal with the younger, he claims it was her fault because she pursued him.

    Compounded sin:
    Sexual perversion, lust, deception-
    Pride, bitterness, rejection & neglect of the children, curse of the bastard

    The younger sister-
    Fornication, betrayal
    Unrepentant, deception, abuse of her children, curse of the bastard