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Avatar photoVictoria Bergstrom

    Hello all! My name is Victoria and I am studying to become a LPC in Virginia. This is my first semester and it is a lot to take in. my goal is to bring deliverance into the counseling world to help people receive the full healing and restoration available in Jesus Christ! I have 2 requests of those who have gone before me and would love your help if you are able:

    1) I am currently working on a research paper to look into treatments for dissociative identity disorder. We are required to find peer reviewed articles to back up our thesis and I honestly don’t know where to look. Does anyone know if there is any recent research available and could point me in the right direction?

    2) Later in the semester, we are required to interview a counselor working in the field. Is there anyone in the Invicta community that would be willing to let me interview them? I wanted to check here first because I would rather interview someone in the profession that is also trained in deliverance.

    Thank you in advance for your consideration and I pray God blesses each of you, your ministries, and practices in Jesus’ name!