Reply To: Compound Sin


    A guy who got spoiled since his childhood. He always fight / had temper with his parents. As he grew up, he involved in drugs then fornication with his girlfriend. Had a child and almost got married with this gf. Gf refused because he is lazy and always have bad temper.
    The child grew into a beautiful girl.
    The guy never provide for them and asked his parents to give him money (to buy gift for his daughter).
    The guy never got a stable job until today and have addiction of online games.
    Even if he can earn money, its through cheating.

    Many people tried to minister to him but failed. I think he is lack of repentance. His dad’s death made him slighttttttly better but I think still about the same like before. His mom still spoil him until today !

    The sin :

    – Sin of dishonoring parents
    – Sin of drugs
    – Sin of addiction
    – Sin of sexual perversion
    – Sin of lust
    – Sin of abandonment
    – Sin of cheating
    – Sin of being lazy
    – Sin of anger
    – etc