Reply To: Repentance Is the Foundation

Avatar photoStacy Hulm

    Hello All! A few months ago, my church called me to go do a deliverance for a young lady, that after a Wednesday night service, was manifesting. But even with a prayer team around her, she was still bound. I met her at the church the next day after work, knew nothing about her, and did not have my regular materials (like renouncements) with me, so I was anxious to see what the Holy Spirit would do. She met me with a cold countenance, hardly answered my questions, and skirted around topics.

    I silently prayed, asking the Holy Spirit, “what should I do?” Then the Holy Spirit said “Ring!” I looked and she had a black band on her finger. I asked what it was and she immediately said, “It’s occult – it protects me.” I had her take it off and renounce that ring and it’s power, and the whole room changed! The Holy Spirit graced her with a spirit of repentance unlike I’ve ever seen! She repented for a very lengthy time with true brokenness and tears. And what was amazing was that she repented of everything I would have taken her through had I worked with her in counseling sessions! First she started with forgiveness, then moved into witchcraft, then relationship soul-ties, and other things – all without my direction. It was the Holy Spirit doing all of it! I just sat back and praised what HE was doing. I presented the gospel and she was saying “Yes!” to Jesus, before I could get it all out Lol! She kept saying, “Yes, I want him, I want him!” Many demons came out of her after that.

    I know that until she renounced that ring, and repented of her dependance on occultic powers, she was going to stay bound. Repentance was the key! I always tell my clients that deliverance is not about them having encounters with demons, it is about them having encounters with GOD, and repentance is the sweetest part of all of it.