Reply To: Repentance Is the Foundation

Duane Flesher

    In the religion I was raised in,repentance was something that I did not remember hearing much about in the church or not explained very well to fully understand the meaning.I just remembered if you sinned and it was brought to the Elders of the church ,you were shunned for at least 6 months or longer.It was up to theses Elders to decide if the person that sinned has fully repented. I never understood how a man could know another man’s heart,if he truly repented.I understand actions tells alot.I also know Jesus can read our hearts,but not man.My father was a Elder in this religion. We would go to church 3 times a week,study ahead of time for the church services and knock on people’s doors on Saturday. I can not remember one time growing up that my father ever taught us about repentance from all the studies we had.

    I know now that repentance is through the heart.

    It was never taught in this religion, that if you sin you could give legal right to demons to indwell in you. If I known then what I have learned from IU now, my outlook on sin would have been much different. Repentance is definitely the Foundation of any Deliverance Ministry.