Reply To: Compound Sin

April Worthington

    A young girl is seduced and then raped by a church elder. (Spiritual abuse, molestation, rape, violation, hatred of women, antichrist, lust, control, Jezebel)
    She becomes pregnant and is then rejected by her family. (Rejection, abandonment, shame, curse of the bastard)

    She rejects the child and is loveless towards him. (Abuse, neglect, rejection, abandonment)
    She murders him in her heart. (Murder, unloving, rejection)

    She is cruel to him, perfectionistic, and denies love, approval, attention and validation to him.
    She is in bitterness, a victim spirit and unforgiveness. She is pulled towards works-righteousness and legalism in order to overcome the shame and other emotional and spiritual torments.

    Uggg. Praise God for the Gospel, the blood of Jesus, the love of God and deliverance!!