Reply To: Compound Sin

Cheryl Rottman

    A pattern of compound sin and aggravating sins is as follows:

    Grandfather, addiction to alcohol (sin of drunkenness). Hit by truck crossing the street and died (early death curse). Father, also an alcoholic. Mom and Dad first born child died at 18 months, accidently gets head caught in springs of baby bed. Next child born, a male, physically and sexually abused by dad. A daughter is born and this child is hospitalized with a ruptured appendix and nearly dies at the age of 18 months. The son (brother) who was sexually abused begins molesting the daughter (sister) and finally rapes her. Sister becomes promiscuous, drinks and does drugs to cover up the pain. The next child born in the family is also physically and sexually abused by the dad. This child ends up in a mental hospital. The daughter (sister) in this family gets married and has a daughter, and the daughter is abused by her boyfriend and is murdered. The boyfriend was physically and mentally abused by his dad throughout his entire growing up. He also abused animals growing up, as he did the daughter’s dog.

    True story. But thank you Jesus for inner healing and deliverance!