Reply To: Compound Sin

Sally Anne Gist

    Today at work I observed something I think fits into this category, although I’m still learning how to label everything. I’d love anyone’s thoughts. I’m an instructor at the local university. I teach international students to read/write academic English. A Korean student started my class 2 weeks ago, the smartest and brightest in the room, excellent in every way. Then one day he didn’t come to class. One year ago, he was diagnosed with a panic disorder, so he had an attack in his dorm room that was so severe he passed out. Two days later when I saw him, he was a different person: wide gray circles under his eyes, despondent, unable to lift his head, unbathed. Of course, I’m watching all this unfold with my spiritual eyes. On my way to church that night I prayed for him like my hair was on fire and was SHOCKED when I got to my church (in another town across the river from the university), there he was, dressed, bathed, and in his right mind! At my church! I had a hallelujah shouting fit. God had done it. He was full of light and health. However, in the meantime he had reached out to counselors and, after being sent off to some psychiatric facility for a few days, he returned today. He looked okay, but he was off the charts high on something they’d given him. Whereas before the attack he was calm, dignified, and charming, today he was ready to swing from the chandelier, obnoxious, and strange. I watched him devolve right before my eyes, like a body-snatcher took him away. It made me think of compound sins, but I feel like they’re implicit. Just thought I’d share.