Reply To: Living Waters | Way of the Master

Cheryl Rottman

    A few years ago I binge watched Ray Comfort’s videos and almost enrolled in his school “The Way of the Master.” The main thing I like about his teachings is that he is consistent every time in presenting the gospel, and makes it very simple to follow and gets to the point quickly. I was involved in a homeless ministry a couple of years ago and this way of presenting the gospel was helpful to the ladies I ministered to. More recently, I’m beginning to do one-on-one ministry with Christian women and some know the importance of asking for forgiveness, but not many have heard of the importance of repentance. I’m been asking the Lord for boldness to speak with clarity the truth that will set people free in Jesus Name! I was thinking also to order some of his gospel tracts to keep in my purse, or make some up on my own.