Reply To: Repentance Is the Foundation

Sally Anne Gist

    I’ve grown up in Baptist/Methodists churches in the South-eastern U.S. all my life, hearing the command to “Repent!” but no one took the time to tell us why. We were shown the Bible verses about repentance, but my carnal mind couldn’t understand the connection. I needed someone to teach me why repentance is so important! I needed someone (like this ministry) to teach me about legal right, and how the Blood of Jesus frees me from actual torment when I submit to Him. Repentance is no longer an overused, empty word that falls on my deaf ears, but instead excites me so much that I explain it to anyone else who will listen! When I was under the control of a Jezebel spirit, repentance was a word that angered me (for reasons I didn’t know), but now it’s far more than just a word–It’s THE KEY to spiritual prison cells!