Reply To: Repentance Is the Foundation

Cheryl Rottman

    While having lunch one day with my previous mentor and deliverance minister, the Holy Spirit convicted me about not repenting for the sin of unforgiveness toward my daughter’s best friend and Mom. These two knew about the abuse my daughter endured prior to her being murdered, but never contacted me to let me know. I held a grudge for many years not knowing the truth. My daughter had actually told them not to tell me about the abuse, but I did not know that until I met with them seven years after she was murdered. I invited the friend and Mom to my home before moving to Florida and asked them to forgive me for holding onto unforgiveness and bitterness toward them. I was wondering why I could not hear from God, had health issues, suffered from panic attacks and anxiety, and could not move on with my life. That’s about the time I was searching on the internet for a deliverance ministry and found Invicta Ministries. After having a few sessions with Pastor Mark, my freedom began. One thing that came up was Pride (and little pride), which was quite shocking to me. Humility is the key! Without humility one cannot truly repent or change their ways. But thank you Jesus for truth!