Reply To: Repentance Is the Foundation

April Worthington

    Repentance breaks the power of sin cycles and iniquity. It releases righteousness and boldness towards God. It needs to be a daily, hourly lifestyle of the DM and hopefully the PRM. It’s hard to overstate the power and importance of repentance. It is agreement with God’s Word and assessment of our hearts and motives. It aligns us with Holy Spirit and it exposes hidden evil in our hearts and behaviors. It keeps an open path to the Lord and enables us to run to Him boldly, without fear and without condemnation.

    Conversely, pride, religion, and worldliness all block repentance. Pride says, ” I’m already good.” or “I’m better than him.” Religion puffs one up on a false scale created by man and religious duty. Worldliness dulls the heart, and gives a false satisfaction. Only deep, honest, consistent repentance as a lifestyle keeps us on the Highway of Holiness, where we can show His glory to others and those to whom we minister.