Reply To: Testimony and Praise Reports

Amanda Allen

    I was out with a few members from my church at Siesta Key Beach, yesterday. We went to seek the lost at the largest pagan drum circle in our area. The praise report is the testimony of a 74 year old woman.

    Mary, here on vacation from Ireland was walking on the beach thinking to herself that she had believed in God all her life, but had never seen a miracle, had never had never seen God move. She said no sooner did she have that thought did she recognized a sound and went to see what it was. What it was,a young woman (her words, not mine), playing an Irish Bódhran. So she sat to listen. She watched as we began witnessing Jesus to anyone willing to have the discussion. She witnessed a man manifest a demon that was cast out in Jesus’s name. It was that sight that showed Mary she hadn’t really met Jesus yet, got up to talk with the young woman.
    I was blessed to meet Mary last evening, and in the course of our discussion Mary accepted Jesus. I helped her search a Bible believing church at home when she returns. I wanted to share, and had Mary’s permission to share. I told her you would be just as happy and joyful for her as I am.
    Praise Jesus!